The Motion-Pro Drum Throne is different because it is designed by a Chiropractor. We designed a throne that enhances the movement of the body to ease lower back discomfort. 

Since most drummers play from a seated position, far more attention should be placed on what you are using as a drum throne. Your throne provides the base foundation for the body to rest. The entire body is moving when drummers are playing and performing. You cannot expect your arms, legs, and hips to be moving while you're sitting on a stationary seat with your back being compressed. When you are practicing or performing on the Motion-Pro split-seat you can't slump or compress the spine, you will find yourself sitting up as you start to move your legs.

The Motion-Pro drum thrones are designed with patented Spinal-Glide Technology. A split seat, independently spring supported drum throne. The seat is split to allow the two pelvic bones to move reciprocally and not impede the motion of the body. This eliminates pressure on the sacrum and lower back while enhancing mobility of pelvis and lower back. The supporting springs are very strong so you will not lose firmness and stability, they are also extremely durable and built to last. It’s not only Springs that support our Drum Throne, But research and Science!